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AT&T Complaint - Incompetent and untruthful Customer Service Reps and Repair People - U-verse bundle
AT&T Complaint

AT&T Complaint


Incompetent and untruthful Customer Service Reps and Repair People - U-verse bundle

Seven months ago I switched from Comcast to AT&T because Comcast rewarded my loyalty by raising my fees to twice what I can afford to pay. AT&T quoted me $138 a month TOTAL for phone, TV and Internet. Every statement, without exception, has been in the $169 range. (Why can't these companies offer senior discounts?!)
Secondly, I've had an unlisted phone number for over 50 years so, of course, I asked that my AT&T phone be unlisted also. Every month I'm charged for an unlisted number and every month for the past seven months I've called to complain that my phone number is still published. When I call 411 to see if they're still giving my phone number out, I'm told there's a listed and an unlisted number under my name...which one would I like? ("Duh, I want the unlisted one, please.") I have one phone and one phone number, for petes sake, so the stupidity of this is absolutely mind boggling. Every month I call to complain and every month I'm told they'll remedy the situation...yeah, right. Words cannot begin to describe how frustrated and angry I am.
Twice when I called, I've asked to speak to a Supervisor and the same thing happened both times: I'm told to hold and I can hear a phone ringing...I'm assuming it's the Supervisor's...and after sitting there twiddling my thumbs for TWENTY SIX MINUES the first time and EIGHTEEN MINUTES the second time, I'm disconnected and back to square one.
Oh, too, I'm charged $2.25 for each call to 411...I'm calling to check if they've done their job and they want to charge me?! I should be charging them for my time!
To make matters worse, while I'm watching TV a sign pops up that states "if you want to continue to watch TV, click ok." While I'm scrambling to get two dogs off my lap so I can find the stupid remote, I've missed part of my program! I called Customer Service the first time this happened and they sent a tech out. He swore up and down that not only had he never heard of this happening, neither had his Supervisor. He left without doing a thing. I called several more times to complain and each time I was told a different story...but they all did end the same...there wasn't a thing in the world they can do about it. I have since found out through tech-savvy friends, that one of the cable boxes I have has a sleep mode that it randomly goes into. I called Customer Service again and asked for equipment that doesn't have a sleep mode and I'm told that they have none...does that sound right to anyone?!
When I ordered my "bundle" I specifically said I know nothing about internet speed but I wanted enough that I could watch a video straight through without it stopping to buffer every few minutes. I think that somewhere, in a far away land, this is possible, but evidently not with AT&T in California.
I'm a senior citizen with a very bad heart...I can't take the frustration of dealing with these complete morons for hours on end EVERY SINGLE MONTH. As far as I'm concerned, AT&T has breached our contract in EVERY conceivable way and my next step will be to report them to the Consumer Financial Protection Agency, the BBB and anyone else I can find.

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