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AT&T Reviews

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  • Overcharging for internet

    Where too start. Been with at&t for years started with dial up internet lol many moons ago. ordered high speed internet 3 years ago at least .Went to a friends house and seen her internet and knew instantly i wasnt getting what i was being charged for.I called At&t last week 4-15-2015 after getting an average speed of 2.45mbps . Now remember Ive been paying for Fast Access Xtreme 6.0 at a cost of 54.00 per month.First off at&t wanted to send a tech out for 99.00 if the problem was on my end . I would not agree to that for reasons that are apparent. After 9 days called back today... More...
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    dreamer66's Picture   dreamer66    0 Comments   Comments
  • No service upgrade

    I June of this year I switched to DIRECT TV. DIRECT TV has a feature which allows the downloading via internet of movies. This feature requires a higher rate of internet speed than is presently turned on at my rual home. The high speed service is available (verified by AT&T technical) but is not turned on in my home. I have spent hours in trying to get AT&T to upgrade my service but to no avail. I an an AT&T phone and internet customer and have been for years. Why can I not recieve the inhanced service that is available 10 feet from my computer and TV ? More...
    (Internet - Sponsored by DIRECPATH)
    holdem1's Picture   holdem1    0 Comments   Comments

    I Have never ever ever!!! yes, I had to write all those evers because, I have never experienced such incompetent people in my life!!! People, beware of this service you get one price then when your service starts you are billed for another if you are not careful. I stayed a total of 8 hours trying to get mobile service from them. Every time it was a different price and a different story they would tell me they would call me back and NEVER would!! Some of the customer services would say they couldn't access an outside line to call out while others promised they would call back and guess... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    salemgrace's Picture   salemgrace    0 Comments   Comments
  • AT&T 3827 Tower Ave Superior,WI

    I am so tired of feeling uncomfortable or unwelcome when I stop in this store. I like my iphone and the coverage is great. Why is it that I can travel 15 minutes to Duluth and feel as though I am a valued customer but at this store I am rarely welcomed with a greeting or made to feel as though I even belong in there? Today I was welcomed when I stopped in to pay my bill (exception to the rule). She asked if I was just in to pay my bill, when I said yes, she replied with "oh". That was the end of the conversation. Not that big of a deal, however her tone insinuated as though I... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    paperlettuce's Picture   paperlettuce    0 Comments   Comments
  • Worst Customer Service

    I have been a long time customer of AT&T and today I received the worst customer service ever from a manager who told me he had no manager, that there was no one above him, and that he didn't care if I took my business elsewhere. The issue was that I had just ordered new residential phone service for the house we just moved in to. I was told that service would be available by midnight. I called back a few minutes later to make a change to the order. The customer service rep the previous order wasn't taken correctly (good thing I called back) and she would retake it and that... More...
    sdoowag's Picture   sdoowag    1 Comments   Comments
  • AT&T Destroyed My Yard

    AT&T sent a crew to my neighborhood yesterday without any notice before or after their visit, and without my knowledge of my permission, took a backhoe to half of my front yard, doing hundreds of dollars of damage to everything in sight, including my sod, a hedge, and when they were all done, sprinkled some hay over the entire mess as if to say "F you!" It wasn't even for anything I need. It was obviously for a cable or U-verse line they wanted to lay down or access. My front yard just happened to be in the wrong place!!! Too bad for me!!! So when I start trying to... More...
    (Repair Services)
    bill12's Picture   bill12    2 Comments   Comments
  • AT&T customer ser is horible

    AT&T is a horrible company they treat you like crap I have been calling them fot the last 3 months just to explian to me why they change my bill, I don't won any amount on the but they keep tranfering to different people, At time I will be on the phone for about 70min and the pphone will go off today I was on the phone for 2hr(120min) I wish we have more choice on phone in my area, because having only one company suck, sucks sucks. More...
    (Repair Services)
    phlicia69's Picture   phlicia69    0 Comments   Comments
  • ATT Outstanding Bill

    This is the worst nightmare...My business ordered service, this service was never provided. We ordered the service without knowing that AT&T would change our phone#, we've been in business over 20 yrs. We called our rep to cancel however this was never done. We kept getting bills for service we never had. Then we received at letter from a Law Firm threating to sue us. Long story short...we need to resolved this, now it's in some type of collection process they are taking about garnishment of my check? and attachement to my tax return. Listed below is info to help you... More...
    (Legal Services)
  • AT&T SUCKS complaint

    They are horrible. They seem to have a communication problem, within their company. I think a chimp can do their job. I have had my service disconnected every other week due to incompetence. They said that they would have to disconnect my service because it was not available in my area. . . what?! How did I manage to have it on in the first place, for you to disconnect it. That was an error , they turned it back on and turned it back off because they accidently assigned me 2 account numbers, their error for giving me 2. The next time i call, oh wait you dont even have active service this... More...
    (Internet - Sponsored by DIRECPATH)
    antiatt's Picture   antiatt    0 Comments   Comments
  • Being Charged for Service even After Cancellation

    This Ticket is for Long Distance Landline in New Jersey I've been on the AT&T customer service line for over an hour, and still no resolution (over 30mins trying to get to the RIGHT department, and the rest talking to the rep). The result of today's call was that the off shore rep i was speaking to claimed that he's the only one working on site at this time and will escalate my case. His superior may/may not get back to me. The earliest being next Mon or Tues. REALLY AT&T? I'm highly frustrated and hope this ticket would get some needed attention. My... More...
  • Charged Even AFTER canceled Landline

    Horrible Service! I've been on the phone for the last 30min but can't seem to get in contact to the right dept. Every rep has been transferring me with little success--this is why I'm here on Measured Up. I've been a loyal AT&T Landline customer, and recently had to relocate so I closed my account. In my past statements I've always paid starting from the 5th of every month to the 4th of the following month. Thus, I called the CS rep to cancel starting from Nov. 5. And Indeed there were no problems, and I had no service starting Nov. 5. However,... More...
    mths06's Picture   mths06    0 Comments   Comments
  • Customer Service

    Absolutely the worst company I have ever dealt with concerning customer relations. AT&T pushes you towards their website which is more geared for selling more of their products then resolving issues. And you had better have lots and lots of patience when you finally reach a human by phone. Try filing a complaint at 888-225-5322 (provided by ATT&T) You will probably find it highly confusing and useless as I did. More...
    darvon6900's Picture   darvon6900    0 Comments   Comments
  • Accounts Receivables

    I have been a customer of AT&T/Bellsouth for years, my internet account was suspended due to a pass due amount, the telephone service still active allowed me to contact the automated to settle, however after paying the outstanding amount and receiving a confirmation number as well speaking with a live representative whom quoted a time for restoration within 4 hours and confirmed the new bill was mailed out 10/20/2010. 12 hours later my internet was still suspended, The message displayed blocking the internet was to contact customer support, customer support is available 7 days a week... More...
    ATT912's Picture   ATT912    1 Comments   Comments
  • Getting order and billing right

    On 3-11-2010 AT&T disconnected my landline phone and changed my high speed to basic high speed (dry loop). The following month I was billed for the bundle I used to have so I paid it and was told I would be reimbursed since I only had the service 4 days into the billing cycle. Then I get another bill for the dry loop which was for a higher speed than what I ordered on 3-11-2010. They told me just to pay for the basic 19.95 and the following month it would be corrected but quess what it wasn't they still charged me for the higher speed and also a late charge for not paying for the... More...
  • AT&T service

    On 3-11-2010 I changed my AT&T service from a bundle of phone and high speed internet to just basic high speed internet without the phone. They keep charging me for the phone which has been disconnected for almost 2 months and they charge me for the higher speed internet. Everytime I call they transfer me to different dept.s and assure me it's been taked care of but every time I get my bill I'm charged for the higher speed internet. More...
    malberda's Picture   malberda    0 Comments   Comments
  • very disappointed

    I am very disappointed in at&t & everything about them.They've had my business most of my life.Now that i'm older & handicapped & work at home on my computer on a low income they didn't try to help me.I have home phone, internet & cell with them.When i was behind in my bill they shut off my internet & cell.I couldn't work which made things worse.None of the employes were even a little sympathetic at all.All were very rude.I plan on leaving att very soon, as soon as i can set up another co. More...
    kaky's Picture   kaky    0 Comments   Comments
  • Horrendous

    I have spent 2.5 hours with AT&T customer service today trying to block text messaging on my 13 year old son's phone. They refused to find a way to get this done. It is outrageous that a company like this is condoning and not cooperating with parents like me who are trying to being responsible and ensure our children are not misusing texting. AT&T should be leader - but instead the company has caused me a massive amount of stress - shame on you. More...
    (Mobile Phones)
  • AT&T customer service sucks

    I'm currently a customer of AT&T wireless. I was the customer for more than 5 years and I recently got a reason to contact customer service. The service is the worst I've ever experienced. It seems like they just hire incompetent people and they just don't care the type of service the customers get. Good riddens I'm getting rid of AT&T service after a month. More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    dannyhong's Picture   dannyhong    0 Comments   Comments
  • AT&T Customer Service Sucks!

    Last December, we signed up with AT&T from Verizon at an AT&T retail kiosk at the Northridge mall in Northridge, CA. The kiosk manager, Ricardo, promised to pay our first month's bill and pay any additional fees that will come up. They put everything in writing. To make the long story short, Ricardo used a stolen credit card to pay the bill and upon investigation, AT&T found out and cancelled our account. After speaking with fraud collection, they said we have to pay something like $300 so that we'll have our service reinstated (that's how much we owe for the... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Complaint

    I have been waiting for about a month for DSL service and cant seem to get anyone out to my residence. I live in Alvin, TX near Houston. I have never received a call back from AT&T even though they've told me multiple times they'd call me back within 1 hr. AT&T provides the worst cutomer service I've ever expierenced. More...
    Jmiglic's Picture   Jmiglic    5 Comments   Comments
  • AT&T Great Customer Service

    AT&T customer service is always good - the people are friendly, easy to talk to, and easy to understand! My phone is under warranty, but the Nokia service center refuses to fix it (see another review for that post). I called Cingular to see if they could move up my upgrade date and they can't do more than 30 days, so I'm stuck for a few months. Instead of pushing me into getting an insanely expensive phone, the customer service rep told me to buy a cheap pre-paid phone and I can use my SIM card in that. Great idea and huge cost savings for me! More...
    erinb's Picture   erinb    1 Comments   Comments

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