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AT&T Reviews

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  • AT&T Reward Card a SCAM!!!

    AT&T Rewards card when you sign up for Directv is a total scam!!! They promised me a 200 gift card then when I called they retracted it saying that it was only for 100. Over the period of 3 months I called 4 times and had to talk to them for at least an hour each time while they searched for my information. Finally one lady said she was sending it out, the website says it was sent out yet a month went by and I recieved nothing. I called back again, they told me they could find no record in the system, I talked to three different people. Finally I called another number, the rewards... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    wendenglow's Picture   wendenglow    0 Comments   Comments
  • AT&T

    to erin.r.abel22 Customer Service is terrible at the Glen Burnie, MD location. My phone had water damage in Sept. 2016 and I was told by the branch manager (Paul Abdelmalik) that I did not have insurance so it would be best to just add another line with new phone and new number. I did this as I'm very naïve to how all this works and I trusted a representative of AT&T would not be a con artist. My mother opened my bill in Jan. 2017 and was reviewing it and asking me why my monthly bill is $200 (she has AT&T too). I explained what had happened it Sept. and... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    dable38's Picture   dable38    0 Comments   Comments
  • Reward card scam

    Yes I received numerous emails from ATT about wanting me to get DirecTV and I would get a visa rewards card. I finally decided to get DirecTV around Thanksgiving. So I called DirecTV and the guy said that I was getting the $300 rebate because I was such a good wireless customer for Art. He also locked in my bill for 2 year's instead of the usual 1 year then he also gave me NFL Sunday ticket for two years instead of only one. I was told that the card would arrive in the mail without me having to do anything. After 3 months now I called ATT they told me to call DirecTV which I did and... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    Johnbrinson5's Picture   Johnbrinson5    0 Comments   Comments
  • Moving land lines

    My wife works from home and we have three land lines into the house, a home number, her work number and her fax number. For twenty years we have had the same numbers for all of these lines. We recently moved 4 miles from our original home in the Atlanta area and when we arrived at the new home, my wife's admin was informed that ALL THREE NUMBERS HAD BEEN CHANGED. None of us were informed that this was going to happen. I then started to work the customer service lines, and work, and work and work. I spoke with around 9 different individuals and got different stories from each of... More...
    thadster's Picture   thadster    0 Comments   Comments
  • Worst Techinical Support

    I am having Samsung galaxy s5 and 2 months back Android phone got upgrade from Kitkat to lollipop. So i did the upgrade once i saw the notification. After some days when i tried to use call forwarding,I have ERROR popup on my screen"Network or Sim Card ERROR". I contacted Customer service and it took days and days for them to figure out and still they couldn't fix the issue.I am Paying Extra $25/Month for my mobile which i am unable to use some of the features when i am in need.Those people are even not ready to compensate for me by changing the device or comeup with a... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    Deep's Picture   Deep    0 Comments   Comments
  • Incompetent and untruthful Customer Service Reps and Repair People

    Seven months ago I switched from Comcast to AT&T because Comcast rewarded my loyalty by raising my fees to twice what I can afford to pay. AT&T quoted me $138 a month TOTAL for phone, TV and Internet. Every statement, without exception, has been in the $169 range. (Why can't these companies offer senior discounts?!) Secondly, I've had an unlisted phone number for over 50 years so, of course, I asked that my AT&T phone be unlisted also. Every month I'm charged for an unlisted number and every month for the past seven months I've called to complain that my... More...
    (Cable TV)
    JusOleMe's Picture   JusOleMe    0 Comments   Comments
  • Deceptive marketing to cancel your unlimited data

    My husband called AT&T because our youngest daughter keep going over her data. He just wanted to add more data to her number. The lady on the phone talked him into a shared family data plan. My older daughter and I had unlimited data. She did not tell him that our unlimited plan would be cancelled. We have been careful to keep our unlimited plan for years%u2026now it is gone. We called back within the hour, but they said it was too late! I have always felt loyal to AT&T, but I no longer trust them. Beware of their tactics!!! They will do anything possible to get you off unlimited. More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    tracyw's Picture   tracyw    0 Comments   Comments
  • AT&T "Premier" customer service alarmingly horrible

    AT&T's Premier customer service is so bad it's actually difficult to write this right now. The incompetence I've had to endure for hours just to make a minor adjustment to my account is indescribable. I cancelled my order for a phone and had to have my upgrade eligibility reset before I could purchase a different phone. That's it. I've called dozens of times. I've been on hold for hours. I've been transferred to multiple departments. A representative hung up on me. Now, I've been informed that "someone would call me back in a few... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    emc1's Picture   emc1    0 Comments   Comments
  • Device Eligibility Issues

    I purchased the iPhone 5 when it came out in September 2012. I had several issues with phone outside of normal dropped calls and such. I had gone to local Apple store, they ran diagnostics and told me phone was faulty and needed to be replaced. I went back to Best Buy (where I purchased) and they replaced phone with exact same device. For some reason, I received a $40 activation charge on my next ATT bill. When I called to question this and after an hour of discussion, they removed the fee. However, what ATT doesn't tell you (or me in this case), is that it's still considered... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    jason05's Picture   jason05    0 Comments   Comments
  • Upgrade Eligibility

    I called customer service yesterday afternoon about my eligibility ...I have eligibility in november but she (customer service) said i can pay some amount to finish my contract early so that i can unlock my current phone and upgrade it to iphone 6.I am oke to pay that amount and i asked where to pay that money ..she said i can pay in store.I went to store and waited dam 1 hr them store representative said even though i paid money ...I am not eligible to upgrade my phone to 6.So i asked him to put that on the notes under my number so that next time i can refer to customer service people.and... More...
    (Computers, Software, Hardware - Sponsored by APPLE)
    Ramatt's Picture   Ramatt    1 Comments   Comments
  • Horrible customer service - broken phone

    Comcast is bad. AT&T is on it's way there. Very poor customer service. Will likely change carriers soon. I'm still fuming. I used to love AT&T. Best phones, innovative, user friendly, great plans, affordable. And then today happened. I've been having issues with my iPhone 5 not charging. Today it wouldn't charge at all. Wouldn't turn on. With my life basically on my phone I was cut off from all my contact information, banking information, and email. I survived the day and went straight to their store after work. After explaining my problem to the clerk... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    Backlight's Picture   Backlight    0 Comments   Comments
  • AT&T Upgrading my Phone

    This all started on Sept 1st when I went to an authorized retailer to upgrade my line. While I was available for any upgrade, he did not have the phone I requested in stock and referred me to the store down the street. I went there and they could not upgrade me to the standard upgrade only for the Next upgrade. When asked why the other store was able to he replied that this is a corporate store and his software did not allow this. I proceeded to contact AT&T customer care and they were able to upgrade my phone instead. When I had the phone rep converse with the store manager he was... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    kwilson951's Picture   kwilson951    0 Comments   Comments
  • AT&T is the WORSE

    When signed up about 5 years ago, they gave me this really old Silver modem, it actually caught on fire.They tend to give out cheap equipment at high prices. They also are awful at fixing any problems, called a tech awhile back, they wore up and down it was our modem, and since we got a new one from a tech off the truck she wouldn't honor the warranty, pleaded with this woman for a hour, got no where at all. So, we cancelled. It was off for not even half a day before the lower apartment had phone problems (same company), called them back, and explained this, they eventually sent out a... More...
    (Internet - Sponsored by DIRECPATH)
    Gaphlipt's Picture   Gaphlipt    0 Comments   Comments
  • AT&T wireless internet and phone service

    AT&T so called high speed internet service is slower than the dial up that I had ten years ago. More often than not their web site doesn't work properly. They have a monopoly in my area as they are the only provider so they overcharge for both internet and home phone. They raised the price by thirty dollars just this month. If there were any other service available in zip code 48813 I would change in a heart beat. Never had this kind of trouble when I had Charter. Can't another provider come to my area? and force AT&T to quit overcharging for the phone and internet. More...
    (Internet - Sponsored by DIRECPATH)
    crittersnanny's Picture   crittersnanny    0 Comments   Comments
  • Did not receive the reward offered by AT&T for starting new Uverse service.

    I was offered a new television set when I was signed up with AT&T and have never received it. I received a $100 Visa card instead. I have talked to numerous customer service and reward center representatives over the last couple of weeks that were not very helpful. I even offered to send the Visa card back to them if they would send me the television that I was promised. They said they can't do that once it's sent out. I didn't ask them to send it to me. Finally I was called by a representative that informed me that when we started service there was no television offered... More...
    delonquin's Picture   delonquin    0 Comments   Comments
  • AT&T DSL and Customer Service

    Had DSL with AT&T and wanted to upgrade to a higher speed. Chatted with an online agent who provided me with a link to process my upgrade. When I asked the agent why I needed to provide a laundry list of information for a simple upgrade, the agent informed me that it's to ensure I'm the owner of the account. What ended up happening, however, was a new account was created, rather a simple upgrade to my current account. When I called Customer Service to have them straighten out the issue, no one knew what had happened and I was transferred to 4 different agents over a 1-hour... More...
    (Internet - Sponsored by DIRECPATH)
    ifha247's Picture   ifha247    0 Comments   Comments
  • Over charge when contract expired

    Been with AT&T for 10 years. Two phone lines & DSL, billed around $162.00 per month. Great deal! Contract expired, going out of business. Next months bill $750.00, for the same service. Now with that said! I have spent more then 8 hours trying to get this resolved, no one could help! I thought I had it resolved paid $500.00 sent final payment , so I though! I have all phone calls recorded with there permission. Now they have sent me to a collection agency for $350. 00. I sure hope someone can help! 7 months now! More...
    Fussyred's Picture   Fussyred    0 Comments   Comments
  • AT&T shame

    My 83-year old father has not has his routine pacemaker maintenance b/c the phone line used for the transmissions has been unauthorized disconnected for over 30 days. Service was with AT&T for 40 years, ideal and loyal customer. Number stolen by Time Warner and was illegally switched from AT&T to Time Warner and we can't get it back. AT&T escalation department and Office of President has not been helpful and nothing is resolved. Was told problem should be resolved today and now it will be another 48 hours. No end in sight and it%u2019s really just a sad situation for a... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    epugel17's Picture   epugel17    1 Comments   Comments
  • company that does not do what it promise

    i have been with att for more than 5 years and all the sudent they start moving my plan to what they want , i had the unlimited data plan and recive an email 2 months ago that it was going to be changed cause i was exeding the limit so i call a couple days later and talk to somebody that told me that it was not going to be changed and it was going to be lived like it was after adding more internet to a diferent line cause that was the problem and i say ok as long they respect my unlimited data i was fine with it and they told me that they would and now olmost 2 months later they just took... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    PANCHO31's Picture   PANCHO31    0 Comments   Comments
  • AT&T Customer Service Terrible

    On or about October 2012 I requested that AT&T show my home phone number as UNLISTED/UNPUBLISHED due to an Order of Protection. This action was taken as a result of conversations with my local police department. I contacted AT&T with my request and was told that the best thing to do was to change my phone number and start new with it being UNLISTED/UNPUBLISHED. I followed AT&T's instructions and had my number changed with the UNLISTED/UNPUBLISHED service. Because of this action, I had to call those important individuals (doctors, pharmacies, etc) and advise them of the... More...
    IUHoosier's Picture   IUHoosier    0 Comments   Comments
  • HOme Phone installation

    (Mobile Phones)
    stichwife's Picture   stichwife    1 Comments   Comments
  • Poor DSL service and customer support

    I was going to upgrade to Uverse with AT&T but the installer was rude and did not want to finish his work, alleging he could not get access to the ports etc which is totally incorrect. When the installer complained about too many wires etc and left without establishing an internet connection etc. Also customer support can be reached but they do not understand since you could be talking to people in India and their definitely is a communication gap. I do not recommend this company and anybody reading this should steer clear of them. Also the internet is slow and other companies offer... More...
    gregtracker's Picture   gregtracker    0 Comments   Comments
  • Phone Upgrades/U-Verse add on

    I called in on December 16th to inquire about a refurbished iPhone for my daughter's 18th birthday since her upgrade was a long ways off. The rep (in the Arkansas call center) said he could wave the $250 upgrade fee on three of my lines and only charge me $99 for all three phones. WOW, that's amazing I thought! Then he indicated he could get me a better deal on internet and Uverse. WOW again, saved me money and faster service!! Well, it's too good to be true. The orders were not completed. I got charged for 1 phone and $99 with a $250 fee right before Christmas. I have... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    Pamela22's Picture   Pamela22    0 Comments   Comments
  • Stunningly terrible customer service from AT&T wireless

    On November 6th I canceled my AT&T wireless account due poor service and high cost. I expected a final bill for 4 days service Nov 2 the billing month start date to Nov 5th plus a $275 early termination fee (Didn't like it but accepted it). I got a bill for $719.21!!! I called At&T to discuss and resolve $349 in international charges. The first agent took ages trying to review things then transferred me to a supervisor (Ben), who promptly said the charges were valid. I explained I was informing AT&T or fraud on my line, that it was canceled anyway and he repeatedly... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    tigerlily's Picture   tigerlily    1 Comments   Comments
  • Horrible customer service with AT&T

    I called last Monday, November 4th, 2013 to have main line in house discontinued. I was given a confirmation code and promised that the service would be discontinued within the hour. We do have a secondary line that needs to remain in service due to an alarm panel. It was not taken care of. I called again on Wednesday, November 6th and was told there was a hold on the account which would be rectified by morning. The person said he would contact me via my cell phone the next day and gave me an email address. I did not hear from the following day or at all, and the email I sent came... More...
    JWhite3's Picture   JWhite3    1 Comments   Comments
  • AT&T Uverse

    I moved to Anaheim, CA about 2 months ago. The apartment seems modern with many amenities including cable Direct TV. I was told the internet provider was AT&T. After working with AT&T, their technicians report that my documented internet download speed if .7 Mbs (yes, half of 1.5 Mps). - I will point out that the building is not cabled and I'm told I'm too far form the AT&T box to get the promised speed. - I also cannot use a satellite service due to apartment location. I live 3 1/2 miles from Disneyland!! This is also the city of Anaheim Angels, Six Flags, and... More...
    (Internet - Sponsored by DIRECPATH)
    trinity350's Picture   trinity350    0 Comments   Comments
  • Hanan Badawey

    I have contract with AT&T from July 4, 2011. AT&T make a lot of problems to me, they sent wrong bills, from one year, I discount the sevice, I have family plan with them from one year, I pay $20 for both lines, I forget to pay my bills on Aug 2013 and Sep 2013, I already change my address, So I did receive any letters from AT&T, and I told that to customer service, they charge me over than I have to pay, on Aug 2013 AT&T returns the service back to second line without my permissions, plus AT&T charges me $10 for first line, on July 4th, 2013, my contract had been... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    hananbadawey's Picture   hananbadawey    0 Comments   Comments
  • Poor customer service!!!!!!!! Bad Company

    AT&T's customer service is terrible, rude, short, and very unhelpful!! I was informed tonight that my account is "flagged" due to too many credits... in my confusion the "floor manager" told me that replacement phones, roll over minutes and legitimate credits count as a bad mark on your account and are all considered credits. AT&T has no respect for long term, committed customers (11 years), no care for the amount of lines that you have with them (11). In trying to figure out why my account is "flagged" the "floor manager", the one... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
  • constant billing problems

    Randall Stephenson, AT&T CEO (direct) phone: 210-351-5401 (direct to his secretary) fax 210-351-3553 alternate phone: 210-821-4105 (headquarters, press 3, ask for Mr. Stephenson's office) 175 E. Houston San Antonio, TX 78205 µ If that doesn%u2019t work, Perhaps writing to the stockholders would help. More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    Dearrandall's Picture   Dearrandall    0 Comments   Comments

    He gets 21 millions dollars a year and AT&T still SUCKS. Horrible customer service %u2013 wait! Beyond horrible %u2013 We have been customers with 4 phones and an awful MIFI device for YEARS!!!!!!!!Ordered a phone on 7/17/13 (upgrade), order confirmed, then cancelled, then 3.5 hours later (phone support and finally a trip to the AT&T store). No explanation as to WHY order was cancelled. Wait%u2026. lame excuse was %u201Cwe think your credit card is being used fraudulently%u201D Really? Who are you people and why on Earth would you think that by pre-ordering a phone that we were... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    CatStorch905's Picture   CatStorch905    0 Comments   Comments
  • AT&T Iphone insurance is pointless!

    We bought the AT&T Iphone insurance for both our phones from day 1 under the assumption that it would save us money if we ever broke or damaged our phones. Well, that assumption was wrong! My husband broke his phone last month and the price to replace the phone WITH insurance was the exact same price as Apple without warranty or insurance. So essentially, it's pointless and we wasted money for over a year. AT&T offered a 7 CENT discount (yes, you read that right!). We will never be buying insurance from them again - it's basically a rip off. More...
  • ATT complaint

    Let me start off by saying that I am on a fixed income. When I ordered my phone service from ATT I was told by the representative that my monthly phone bill would be $17.21 a month. I told him that is what I wanted, because I could not afford anymore. This was about 2 months ago. I went to make a call the other day and the phone was disconnected, so I called ATT. The representative said that it was cut off because of non-payment. I told her that I have never recieved a bill. She asked if I had received a conformation letter and I told her, no I had not. Apparently the rep that took my order... More...
    Glenn4357's Picture   Glenn4357    0 Comments   Comments
  • AT&T Business Service

    We have a business phone (land line) for many years with AT&T. We/ I received a call from AT&T about my renewal I was told a new feature which "would save me money". It was a device that would make my phone a "wireless" feature. ATT would mail it out and would be very easy to install. I did receive the "box" and called back as I was told to do. This was Wednesday 5/29/13 - simply plug into your outlet and phone and voila finished? Well that did not happen. I called back and waited and waited - could not get it to work - so told me to call TECH... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    VIDA's Picture   VIDA    0 Comments   Comments
  • bad service

    This is the third time I have had horrible service with the Florence (radio dr) AT&T store. The representitives are rude and speak to you like you're stupid. Simple question as to why would I need to pay $200.00 to speak to an Apple Technician when I thought I had purchased an insurance plan that would cover technical issues, was answered with, "well I guess thats just what you have to pay to speak to a technician" as the rep smirked and laughed into the phone. (His name was Trevor). If you go in the store to buy something you can't beat people off with a stick, but... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    austin216's Picture   austin216    0 Comments   Comments
  • no phones

    att left my business without tel lines for 10 days!!! can you belive that??,10 days for a small business without telephones that is a shot to the hart,but that is not all,prior to that they left us without internet for over a week,but not to worry,they are willing to give us credit for the time the lines where down,what a lame company,we should all stop using them and put this company out of business More...
    (Repair Services)
    omer3740's Picture   omer3740    0 Comments   Comments
  • Poor customer service

    I called AT&T over 2 weeks ago to order a home phone, internet, cable package deal. I was given a very good deal, or so I thought. I was told by the representative Sean, from the San Diego office, that someone would be out ot the aprtment on Friday, of the following week to install the phone service and the TV service. he aslo mentioned that I would need to be home for this install. So, the following week I have taken the day off from work and am waiting for the install to occur. My appointment time was from 12 noon to 4pm. I decided to call and confirm the appointment. AT&T... More...
    (Cable TV)
    edwards28's Picture   edwards28    0 Comments   Comments
  • ATT charges not valid

    We have had to have a technician come to our house 3 times due to losing signal or weak signal. Phone calls are dropped because of loss of signal, internet stops working and the tv stops working. Called for another tech to come and figure out what the problem is this time. He checked outside and said he didnt see any problem, although he did replace several things. He also said that there has been a problem with batteries so he replaced the battery. Not ONCE did he ask me to sign anything, yet I get an email stating there will be a $99 charge. I don think so! There was no problem with... More...
    (Cable TV)
    krohl's Picture   krohl    0 Comments   Comments
  • At&t line not buried after 6 months of requesting it get done

    I received U-verse service in October 2012, and was told they would be back within 15 days to bury the line that in going from the back of my house about 30 feet across the yard. I have changed my work schedule at least 4 times to be here on dates they said they would be here, I have spent hours on the phone with At&t getting request sent to get this done. At one point an At&t lineman came and just said "yep it needs buried and I don't like how the contractor did the line from the house" and said someone will be here within 7 days to bury the line. Why didn't he... More...
    (Internet - Sponsored by DIRECPATH)
    Applemommy's Picture   Applemommy    2 Comments   Comments
  • wrongly charged

    I spoke with AT&T today concerning no tv or internet first thing this morning. Everything worked till at least midnight the night before. The csr told me that there was no service coming into the house. No charges would be involved for the technician to fix it. I called later in the day after the tech called and said he had the right to charge a fee. I told the csr that I had already been told that it was outside the house and I did not want a charge. The tech checked behind the house and things started working, then he came inside and said things inside were unplugged(inside). HUH??... More...
    (Cable TV)
    MYKIDZMOM's Picture   MYKIDZMOM    0 Comments   Comments
  • AT&T

    About a year ago, I called AT&T because I wanted to compare rates due to the high charges I was receiving from Time Warner for a bundle package including internet, TV, and phone. AT&T could only provide satellite service for tv which wasn't allowed at the apartment I was at, at the time. I had called for an estimate but never authorized an install. I came home from work to find a note on my door stating request had been completed. Turns out AT&T took the liberty to disconnect the service I had without my authorization and installed their equipment with which I had no... More...
    makingawar3's Picture   makingawar3    0 Comments   Comments
  • AT&T bill cramming for repair neither ordered nor done

    AT&T is billing me $99 plus tax monthly for inside repair of my landline that I never ordered and for which no technician has ever been inside my home to do. In addition, an additional late payment charge is being placed on my statement each month that I refuse to pay the unwarranted $99 inside repair charge. I have spent over 6 hours on phone with customer service to no avail. AT&T maintains that I called and requested the inside repair, which I most certainly did not, that their phone records for such an order or never wrong, and that a repairman whose name they won't... More...
    (Repair Services)
    marta2013's Picture   marta2013    0 Comments   Comments
  • Not willing to help

    This review has been resolved or replied to by this company. I have never had such poor service from anyone. I have emmigrated out of the USA and am trying to cancel my contract on its due termination date. They want me to pay them to cancel my account on the date that the contract is up!!!!!! They also have placed me on hold for 30 odd minutes at a time. I have attempted to contact them 6 times already. Each time the individual follows her script and is unwilling to look at my situation. I HAVE MOVED OUT OF THE COUNTRY-I AM NO LONGER THERE!!!!!!!!!! More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    emmigrated1's Picture   emmigrated1    0 Comments   Comments
  • AT&T Utilities

    A guy that claimed to be an AT&T employee by the name of Randy walked into our backyard without permission to supposedly check on a telephone easement. He presented no identification and documentation as to whom he was and to who is employer was. When I asked what was he doing in my backyard without permission he claimed that he needed to lay a wire for another contractor to install underground the telephone easement.I informed him that he had no right to be in our backyard without permission and he informed, "what was the big deal." I informed additionally that he showed no... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • at&t wirepro (phone line insurance) cramming

    Me and some friends have AT&T home phone and we were crammed with the phone line insurance. My friends accounts are located in apartments and the phone lines are not owned by them but the landlord. As for me I never ordered Wirepro, didn't even know what that was for and we even had phone line problems but never called to fix the problems because we didn't even know we ordered that service because it was crammed to many AT&T customer accounts. Search about this issue online and there is a COURT CASE about it. Some accounts did recieve some refunds but not the full amount.... More...
    nachobear's Picture   nachobear    0 Comments   Comments
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